Graphic Design and Branding

– a selection of our design work –

Graphic design

Good design must balance aesthetic vision with a clear knowledge of what appeals to your crowd. We design with our heads as well as our hearts to get this balance right – however simple or complex the task may be.


As well as a thorough skill set in the digital world, our studio has its background in both contemporary design and fine art. In-house, we collectively hold a broad set of tools to draw from, which means we can develop sophisticated visual communications for your project.



Whether you’re a new or existing business or organisation, we can work with you to build refined, contemporary and memorable branding that encapsulates your core values and communicates them to the world.

High-quality print

We’ve been creating and producing brochures, books and other printed pieces for 20 years. Whatever size job you require, we can drive the creative direction and design, supply original professional photography and organise high-quality printing to help enhance your project’s impact.



– some bespoke websites we've made –

Considering your options

We build all types of websites for a wide range of clients in the creative and cultural sectors and beyond. From simple, elegant sites to sites with complex functionality.

Beautiful design

We’ll work with you to create the ideal look and feel for your site, and to develop bespoke functions that work best for your and your audiences needs.


Building your website

Once we understand the scope of what you need, and the creative direction you’d like us to take, we can start crafting the code that will be the bones of your site.

The final product

When we’re finished you’ll have a digital space that puts your audience at ease: one that encourages people to stick around, discover more and engage.




– here's some of our artwork –

The majority of  illustrations used in our graphics are drawn digitally in house. Digital illustration allows for resizing and quick adaptations to be made for different applications. But on occasion we actually work with real art materials; we’ll draw, cut and hand-print if a project calls for something a little different.

We also have several associate illustrators with differing styles that we can commission.

Giclee printing on 100% cotton fine art and photographic papers is also one of our production specialities. We can do this in house at our studio.



– a few projects incorporating our images –

Photographic images are one of the hardest things to get right. We’re always up for shooting on location, in our studio or developing a range of images that are unique to your project.

We have a large stock of our own abstract work as well as a nature-based portfolio. Being expert in Photoshop also helps develop the qualities required for integrating image work with bespoke design.

Feel free to have a chat about your needs and see if we can help develop a unique solution without having to resort to an image library.

Video Production

– a selection of our video work –

Informal production methods

Informal means – arty, quick, affordable! No big set up, there are plenty of companies for that kind of production, just contemporary editing of image and sound.

Event documentation

There are so many ways to produce films that describe the qualities of an event without being formal. We like to lean into the actual experience rather than overdoing the gloss.


Silent stories

Show off the working process of your business. No sound, ambient sound or just bespoke musical sound all work beautifully. No dressing things up or talking to camera required!

Short explainers

For social media or immediate engagement on a website, really short but attention grabbing views can be ideal. Squash time with time-lapse or simply a concise, but beautifully cut story.


– projects using our copy –

Beautiful design is a potent way to make an impression. Yet whether you’re using a website or printed material to reach your audience, the quality of your content will make or break an entire design project.

In other words: the efficacy of your communication may be diluted if accompanying words aren’t up to scratch.

This is why we’re happy to offer you exceptional copywriting as part of our service. Our copywriters have extensive experience across a vast range of industries, can work with you to develop and hone your unique tone of voice, and support your project with excellent research skills.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide fresh new copy for an entire website, a light touch of adjustments to existing copy, copy-editing and proofreading, or creative prowess on headlines and straplines.



– a few of our installation projects –

Whether we’re working with you on a website, a brochure, an installation or a multiple-channel project, we’ll thoughtfully and responsibly manage it from concepts, through coordination, to delivery.

With websites, we have extensive experience in pulling many elements together, including illustration, photography and copy. So if your site requires multiple elements, we’ll identify what they are, source or create them, and ensure all the pieces fit together. We can also help you to manage your content, and organise and upload it to your website accurately.

Our project management skills extend well beyond websites, too. We’ve designed and managed projects ranging from multiple-channel visitor experience projects incorporating outdoor installations and mobile websites, to interior design elements and photographic books. Which means we’re ready to have a conversation with you about your project, no matter how complex.