Guy Holloway - CTM architects workspace image installation

CTM Architects studio image installation

Workspace installation of interchangeable imagery

We approached Nebulo looking for a local company who cares about their reputation. We were looking for creative likeminded people who could take on board our thoughts, be open to suggestion but moreover innovate. For the rebranding of our architectural practice they proposed an interchangeable image bar concept and installed our pieces to a level of accuracy suitable to sit comfortably around designers with a keen eye for detail. We have undergone a name change again recently but we have still kept the concept of the interchangeable image bar, which when showing clients around the office, has become intrinsic to our brand. Creative processes, given the right people should be an enjoyable experience, with Nebulo there was no exception, they were a pleasure to work with and added value to our business.Mike Pearson, (partner) Holloway